Friday 13 July 2007

My parent's house turns 10

My mom always wanted to have a party during the summer time, so she took the ten year anniversary of the house as a good one. Kate and I booked a couple of flights for an extended weekend in Feldberg. We arrived in Berlin late in the evening on Thursday, missing the last train to Feldberg. So we called up my parents and took the S-Bahn to Oranienberg, where we had to wait for about half and hour in the cold before my parents came to pick us up.

On Friday we walked around Feldberg and generally relaxed. In the evening my mom's new kayak arrived, so we started to put it all together. We finished putting it together on Saturday, when Trulli and Marvin arrived. Marvin was the first one to try it out and then Kate was up for second. Not being very experienced and getting no help from anyone, she got into the boat herself and before she knew it she was standing in the water with the boat upside down. Unfortunately nobody had a camera!

In the afternoon the first people came. We had coffee and cakes and in the evening we had a big barbecue and a camp fire. Before nightfall, my mom gathered everybody together and went down to the lake, taking little boats to row across. We arrived at the bistro of a family friend. After some glasses of wine out on the little deck which stretched out onto the water, Trulli and I tried some "shoes" which enable one to walk on water.

After this, my mom's friend prepared three canoes for us, each having two burning torches at the rear.

We went once around the lake in the canoes and then headed back to the bistro where we had cheese and wine before rowing back home. We finished off the evening sitting around the camp fire.

On Sunday we went wakeboarding in Neubrandenburg. It was my first time on a wakeboard and though I fell a few times, I did finally make it around the whole course, and was even able to start with a jump start.

On Monday we returned to London, after a wonderful weekend.

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