Wednesday 20 July 2005

Another month has passed

Time is flying by at an incredible speed.

It's been an eventfull month: I got 2:30 hours late to work just a couple weeks ago for the very first time. Not that it realy mattererd, others were late too and left early that thursday to make it home. I did not even know what happend, they just stoped the tube. The people left the Bakerstreet station and waited outside for buses, hundreds it must have been. No one seemed to have known what happened. I called up my girlfriend to tell her she had to find another way to get into town as the tube was closed indefinetly supposedly due to some power failure.

The first two busses where so crowded I could not get on. I was already running late as I kindof could not get myself out of bed that morning. The third bus finally took me to Hammersmith. I turned on some nice music got my book out and started reading not minding running late and enjoying just another bussy morning. Then Marco called me from germany asking if everything is OK with me. I did not realy understand till he started talking about bombs and terror attack ... ?!?!? So I called up my mom, making sure she knew I was OK.
Then I asked around in the bus if anyone knew what was going on and a woman read out what happend from her phone. People looked at each other with no shock or anything and that was pretty much it.

I got into work, the news were running in a meeting room, lots of people calling friends and family, so did I though the mobile network seemed to have been failing at times.
Most of the news sites online have already put up the headlines, tons of photos and what not. Well, that's what the media does, keeping us informed, not!? It is just too bad that there is too much money involved to realy believe they do it to inform the masses.
It is discusting. By the way, "About 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. Three-fourths of the deaths are children under the age of 5".

Enough of about the mad world. Let's just turn the other way, turn up the music and enjoy the spoiled life we are living.

Kate and I have been exploring more of London. We visited the Museum of London three weeks ago and went out for a play the following week. A two men version of "The Importance Of Being Ernest", it was great and so was the lovely diner we had afterwards in a little italian restaurant.

One day the following week I came home after having gone to a nice pub and the boiler was boiling over. The heating in the house just went crazy. Even after turning everything off in the house it would not stop. Eventually it did. But not for too long. The next day it started again. We called up the plumbers to take care of it. In the evening it was so bad that a pipe must have burst and watter was coming out of the wall in my room.

The builders came the next day, riping out the boiler and putting new equipment and renovating my entire room. It did need that anyways.
Meanwhile I moved into Kate's room. The builders worked on the house for the whole week, putting in new heating, redoing the kitchen and bathrooms. At the end of the week Kate and I decided to just escape into the country for a couple of days,

doing nothing but taking little walks, having nice diner and ...

It was a lovely weekend.

Last weekend I flew to Germany for my older sister's wedding.
I met up with Erech, the lad I went to Schottland with beforehand. We did not have much time but it was nice to see him again.

My parents picked me up in Frankfurt am Main on friday and together we drove down to a little town not too far away from Speyer.

The wedding was on saturday, a hot day it was but it did not stop anyone from having a great time. People where singing, there was a couple of little dance shows and not to forget plenty of beer :)
It is akward but that was the first time I have ever danced with my mom and my sisters.

On Sunday I met with a nother friend of mine who I have not seen for a few months in Wuerzburg. We climbed up to the fortress and just enjoyed the view. It was a short visit but worth it.
I almost missed my plane back but the lady at the checkin was realy nice and ckecked me in.

It is tuesday and another week is going by as usual. Not one day is boring and looking at the plans for the weeks to come, bordom will vanish from my vocabulary.