Monday 24 September 2007

A Trip to Feldberg in late August

It was about time for us to take a break from the busy city life.
We decided to make it simple and visit my folks in Feldberg, Germany.

We went canoeing with my folks on Saturday.
Fledberg is a great place for that.
It has many lakes which were formed during the last ice age.
Most of them are connected by little natural channels and streams.

On Sunday we just sat around drank Pims and enjoyed not having to do anything. Most of the evenenings we played dice and card games with my parent.
One day Kate and I decided to do a bit of cycling around the lakes.
It was a beautiful day and we stopped in a little pub for a couple pints before we continued.

We had another 2 days of kayaking but the weather was getting worse and worse and all in all a bit chilly to be out on the lakes. So one day we decided to visit a local gallery and on another a castle not to far away.

We got back to London in the evening of Saturday and went straight to a colleague's BBQ.
It got quite late and we did need all of Sunday to recover.

The trip to Feldberg was all we had asked for, a good time to relax and enjoy.