Friday 11 May 2007

Easter and May Bank Holiday Weekend

For Easter this year we decided to stay home instead of going to Germany, because I didn't manage to book any flights earlier and it was too expensive. On the Saturday was the famous Boat Race, so we prepped some Pimms, made some burgers and watched the race. On Sunday we did a bit of Easter egg hunting in the house and prepared a big Sunday roast. For dessert Kate made a chocolate Simnel (Easter) cake with marzipan eggs.

For the holiday weekend in May we went up to Birmingham to visit Kate's friends. We visited the Black Country Museum. It was a gorgeous day and a very beautiful museum. We explored every bit of it and sat outside a local pub and enjoyed some ales.

Before we went home, we went to see the Cadburys chocolate factory, where we learned all about chocolate making and the history of Cadbury.

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