Monday 6 March 2006

it is getting worse ...

.. but I expected that much. I have not been updating the blog on a regular basis as I had planned to.
No, the all so busy life is not to blame, I am just plain lazy.
Life though, has been bussy and most weekends we have been going places, visiting friends and relatives and finally went on a little vacation.

Well, since the last post there was Christmas and we decided to spend it in London inviting Kate's parents to join us.
We got a nice christmas tree in mid december and decorated it with real candles and little ornaments.
It was very nice and despite the fact that it did not look much like it outside it did start to feel like christmas is coming.

On christmas eve. Kate's parents, Kate and I all went to the Albert Hall for a "Christmas carols By Candle Light" concert where everyone got musicsheets and a christmas hat and sang along. It was a great show and we all went back and had some "Feuerzangenbowle" (mulled wine, flambed) and Dresdener Stollen (Chrismas bread/cake).

The next morning was quite busy with most of us in the kitchen preparing the big feast. Once everything was cooking we got to finally open up the presents. I must admit though there is something nice about the german tradition of opening the presents on christmas eve.
It just feels more cosy when it is dark outside and Santa comes in, opens his sack and gives out the little boxes. But I cannot complain at all, it was a great moring.

After hours of cooking the turkey was almost done, Kate had prepared some delicious starters and we where pretty much ready to eat.

It was way to much food for just one meal so the turkey lasted for a couple more lovely dishes with one of them being the greates pie we have ever made.

For desert we had traditional christmas pudding which Kate's mom made.
We flambed it with Cognac and served it with brandy butter... delicious.

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