Wednesday 14 December 2005

from summer to winter

It's been over 3 months now that I have posted anything.
Time is flying by quickly and it is not making any stops.
I can still see Kate and me walking around in Hampstead Heath on a beatiful summerday.

That was September. In early october Kate turned 27. It was a fun birthday. We started it with cake and presents, met up with one of Kaet's friends for lunch and went to the Aqarium in the afternoon.

On the following weekend we invited some friends to a cocktail party.
There was plenty to drink.

And some very yummy food too.

If I remember correctly at around 4am after just a bit too many delicious drinks and some scary guitar playing and singing I too finally went to bed.

At the end of the month one of Kate's godchildren had a halloween-birthday party. So, we decided to go up to Birmingham to visit her and join the party as Dracula and Medusa :).

In November my sister came to visit and spent a weekend here with us in London. The weather was perfect so we decided to 'book a flight' on the London Eye, getting some nice views of the city.

We then walked all over the place and did what tourists do: taking tons of pictures and well, walk all over town.

In the evening we decided to see a ballet performance.

On sunday we went to the Portobello Market, did a bit more sightseeing and watched a fireworks display at night which was followed by a beautiful walk along the thames.

In the end of November Kate and I flew over to germany to celebrate my mom's and dad's birthdays. It was great. Feldber already had some snow. It was freezing cold and realy felt like winter is coming.
Even though it was a very short stay we enjoyed it quite a bit.
It was good seeing the family and some old friends I have not seen for quite some time.

We did have some time to walk around the beautiful nature in Feldberg, though the weather was a bit foggy and grey it was still enjoyable.

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