Monday 25 April 2005

sunny california

It sure is good to be back in california again.
Arne and I went to my old High School, Sierra High in Tollhouse and met some old teachers of mine. One of them I had not seen for 11 years and yet he remembered me right away. We had some great chats, walked around the grounds and enjoyed the beautifull weather.

On frieday we went to Yosemite with my host mother and a friend of her's.
It was a lovely day. We biked around a bit, hiked a little and stared at huge trees with branches thicker than I am tall.

We had some rest on saturday, a little shopping in Fresno and a nice dinner at my host mother's parents. Afterwards we went to an indoor football game.

We took off for the coast this morning and went to Monterey to the aquarium, walked on the beach and drove the 17 mile drive. Another great day of our journey with lot's to see, great weather and great people.

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