Friday 15 April 2005

let the journey begin

So, I have left Rostock, Germany now. I thought I could just gather my belongings and go but it turned out not to be that easy to pull the roots that have grown over the past 8 years of my life there. It's been good time there.

So what's next? The destination of my journey is not quite clear yet.
In May I will be remodeling a house with a friend near Dufftown, Schottland. Though, before that I am going to take a little trip to the US meeting some old friends of mine.
I have 6 hours left before my plane takes off for Washington,DC. A friend of mine, Arne, has spontanously decided to join me. We will be visiting DC for a couple days and leave on the 16th on a train to Chicago. After a day in Chicago the Californian Zephyr will take us to Sacramento. On the 28th we are planing to be back in Germany. After a day or so I'll be leaving for Schottland...

Train station, Feldberg, Germany

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