Monday 14 July 2008

Picking up a new Hobby

I went to my sister's 30th birthday a couple weeks ago.
Besides having a great party we decided to go wakeboarding.
It was to be my 3rd time. Marvin, Urte's boyfriend lent me his kiteboard
and off we went.

I did have some starting difficulties ...

... but soon made it around the lake without much difficulty.

I can also jump in from the side.

And even did a run together with Urte.

My posture on the board clearly needs some work :)

Since that weekend I have been to the Princes Club in London.
And after trying it out on the weekend I decided to get a membership and my own kit.
If I go after work I could be on the water within 45min, and getting home takes about 1:15h,
so I am planning to go twice a week and if the weather is not good for skydiving then on the weekend too.

It is great fun and I am slowly getting better at it.
I can now do tiny heel-side front-side 180s (e.g. left forward turn 180 counter clockwise to face right forward) either with as a tiny jump or just sliding on the water.
I am working on my heel-side back-side turns (e.g left forward turn 180 clockwise to face right forward) but only managed to do it twice :(

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