Monday 7 April 2008

Indoor Skydiving at Airkix

Kate got me 10 minutes of indoor skydiving for my birthday
last December, and we finally found the time to do it.
We both took the train to Milton Keynes, Kate
wanted to do some indoor skiing there and I had booked my

It was quite different to jumping out of the plane.
For one, it is not as pretty ...
but you do get to see and feel how you much you move around in the

When jumping out of a plane you don't really have a point of reference
to see if you are drifting sideways or back and forth.
In the windtunnel on the other hand you are surrounded by walls.

I flew 5 times for 2 minutes each.
The first one was for getting used to how it all works
and from there on the instructor gave me a bunch of things to do:
Turning, shifting sideways, which I found quite difficult,
Going backwards and forward and moving up and down.
Then we went on to do diagonal movements, from lower edge to upper opposite edge ...

It was great fun and I learnt a lot.

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