Tuesday 16 January 2007

Waterpolo in Cambridge

In January my friend Alex from Germany invited Kate and I to come and meet her in Cambridge,
where she and her team mates were holding a water polo game.
We got there in the morning and the weather was a bit rainy but sometimes the sun came through. We did some sightseeing and went down the river in a punt, where I more than once lost the pole and almost fell in!

We had some coffee then went on to the first game. The team was a bit short of people, so they asked me if I could join and be goalie. I'd never played water polo before but how could I refuse six women in swimming costumes?

After a couple of games and being completely exhausted we went to a local pub, had some good English beer and lovely food.

It was good to catch up with Alex and her friends again. I'm looking forward to my next invitation to a game!

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