Sunday 9 July 2006

The Birthday Present

Due to some very late planning and complete disorganisation on my part, Ed Sykes and I decided to make a T-shirt for our friend Jarkko Lapinlampi.
We had a picture of him in his martial arts outfit that we wanted to put on a shirt. To do a proper job, we decided to do proper silk screen printing, which neither of us had ever done before. We found an art shop in Covent Garden for the supplies. Ed bought T-shirts and I printed out the silhouette of the picture on to transparencies. It was getting close to 6pm on Friday night. I left the office for the art shop, leaving the directions at work. Nevertheless, with the help of some local people we got to the shop with a comfortable ten minutes to spare before it closed. We grabbed the supplies and went home, where I waited for Ed to arrive with the T-shirts.
In the next 8 hours, armed with only pizza and beer to assist us, we completed this fine piece of art.

It was a great night, and it confirms that you need the pressure of an imminent deadline to complete any creative task.

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