Friday 19 August 2005

dear blog ...

I have been neglecting yo .. I am sorry!

For the first time I drove an english car just a couple weekends ago. It was a little trip I took with Kate form London to Burmingham.
So, right after picking up the car from the rental place I drove a bit too close to the left and gone was my passenger side plastic mirrow covering. Other than that and that Kate was not quite sure if she really wanted to have me drive her it went really well.

A week ago Marco, my best friend from germany, came over to see London and hang out with me.

He stayed for a whole week. As I had to work there was not too much time to do much exploring together but we used the time available as much as we could.

Did all the tourist things, the river, big ben, ...

On tuesday we went out for an Editors concert, had lots of beer, danced, ... On wednesday we went for another concert !!! (Chk Chk Chk) which was really good. Again lots of beer and lots of dancing.

Thursday I did not feel too well, probably the lack of sleep so we did not do much. Marco explored the city while I tried to get work done.
At the end of the week we kindof took things a bit more slowly.

Saturday night at 4am marco took his flight back home. I got a bit more sleepa and took a flight sunday afternoon to the netherlands for the SVGOpen 2005 conference.

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