Thursday 2 June 2005

last days in scotland

Time was flying by and both Eric and I wished for just having and extra week. Unfortunatly we have to do with what we got.
Erech was quite bussy fixing little holes in the pipes he had just put. Poor him. Not very motivating to see water dripping when one thinks it is all finished. After a couple valve bursts and some soldering and testing and soldering again he was finished and can proudly say to have put in a complete new heating system into the house. He hooked up the boiler and voila, we had hot running watter for the very first time in these 4 weeks.

Slowly the radiators where starting to warm up. What a great feeling. Not that it realy changed the temperature in the house, because we didn't have them on long enough, but it was nice for just a few minutes. While Erech was working on the pipes I managed to finish up the kitchen.

Another proud moment. After which I started to do more work in the new bathroom, putting up stud-work We also checked if everything will actually fit the way we planned. And it did.

Well, and we didn't believe it but we actually got our phoneline, just a few days before leaving. Fantastic, isn't it?
I find it quite amazing how fast BT was working on it. It only took them a whole month. Now, the interesting thing was that it was due to unexpected problems they came across. Like finding rocks where they wanted to put a post into the ground. A rock! Well, I suppose it is rare to find rocks along the road in country side scotland...
Anyways, I had to leave for London on Friday night from Aberdeen. So, not much time left.
We made a last visit to the Glenlivet destillery and Erech got me a nice bottle of cast strength whisky.

Our last job we did together on the house was putting in the self levelling compound in the bathroom.
I took a nice bath at the neighbors and off I we went to Aberdeen for me to catch the night bus to London, a 12h ride ...

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