Wednesday 11 May 2005

it's cold here

The temperatures have droped a bit, we are no at around 11C during the day and about 4C at night, and still we have no heating at all. It even snowed yesterday.

The fireplace, the single one that is left, does not realy warm up the place but gives us a comfortable feeling. Visiting the neighbors is always a special occasion, too, that happens about once a day to chat, check email, and warm up a bit.

We have managed to take down a couple of walls to make room for the new bathroom.

We riped out more of the floor to put pipes in and fixed some walls to add support for the radiators we are going to put in.
Since the ground level around the house is to high, so it is always wet in the house we decided to get someone it to put drainage all around the house. Of course things could not just go right, the main water pipe was riped out while the trench was dug up.

Let's hope this will be good for a number of years and get the house a bit dryer.

We still have not heard from BT so we have to manage with the cellphones. And even those only work in some parts of the house.

But then again, life is great up here.

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